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With long, relatively balmy nights drifting behind us, I know that I speak for many who will share my yearning for epic sunrises, glorious sunsets and the humbling fury of a summer storm.  I hope each of us took time to connect with community and loved ones in the great outdoors.  With September comes a sense of returning to routine and the Alberta Legislature is no different.  While we are not scheduled to officially sit in the Legislature until October, regular committee meetings are in full swing and the business of the fall agenda fills the days of all MLAs. 

Alberta’s official birthday is September 1 and this year marks 114 years since joining Confederation.  Alberta currently has the 4th largest population in Canada and consistently has one or the highest growth rates in Canada in spite of recent economic challenges.  Did you know that the average age in Alberta is the lowest in the country at 36.7 years?  Alberta’s changing demographic has also shifted significantly from rural to urban centres.  Now over 81% of Albertans live in an urban area with the highest concentration in the Edmonton/Calgary corridor.  Looking at the changing statistics and demographics is important when analyzing how, when, what, and where to deliver services and care to Albertans. 

As in Alberta, the Federal Government also studies movement in population.  The Federal Government has legislation requiring a review of population distribution every 10 years, with the next review slated for 2024.   This review applies to seat allocation in the House of Commons and my hope is that the next review will also include seat allocation within the Senate, where Alberta’s representation is severely lagging.  While the merits of the Senate can be debated, right now Alberta needs more representatives in Ottawa to tell our story on the national front.  I will continue to tell Alberta’s great story, and my ask of each of you over the coming weeks is to do the same given the importance of the next general Federal election for Alberta’s, and Canada’s interests.  Let us all work towards the strengthening the Alberta Advantage which strengthens Canada.  #theWorldNeedsMoreAlberta #theWorldNeedsMoreCanadianEnergy

As always your feedback allows me to better represent you, so please reach out to my office or join me at my next MLA Café as we discuss the importance of pipelines to our future 7-8:30pm Monday, September 30th.