Richard Gotfried 高 飛

MLA, Calgary-Fish Creek

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I always look forward to a new year and an opportunity for new beginnings.  Resolutions to do better often centre on: improved family relationships, maintaining good health, and serving in my community.  In my capacity as your MLA, I have the privilege of serving in the Alberta Legislature.  While my work often takes me to Edmonton, please know that my heart is always in Calgary-Fish Creek with my family, friends, neighbours, and constituents!

Forward looking introspection also demands reflection on the past.  I would be remiss if I did not talk about some of the disappointments of 2018.  First and foremost the last half of 2018 has been a dark and challenging time for Alberta given unprecedented oil price differentials.  It is a hard to watch our province’s most valuable natural resources, oil and gas, be continually vilified.  I will continue to stand up for Alberta and speak out against foreign-funded campaigns to shut down our oil.   All of Canada depends on Alberta’s environmentally responsible energy resource sector.  There has been much discussion on non-renewable vs renewable energy.  Our energy sector was the earliest adopter of renewable energy and continues as the greatest proponent of renewables, so it is not one or the other, but rather a win-win model with both thriving and coexisting.  Alberta has the highest environmental standards in the world for oil and gas extraction.   Let us continue to champion Alberta, value our resources, and expand our exports on the world stage. 

As an eternal optimist I believe in the power of focusing on the positive.  Please note some highlights of 2018 at a constituency level include, the many knowledgeable presenters hosted at my MLA Café and very well attended community Stampede BBQ.  Having opportunities to connect on a variety of topics, in both a formal and informal settings, allows residents to speak their mind and be heard.  So moving forward let us all be cheerleaders and outspoken ambassadors for Alberta on the world stage for 2019.  #theworldneedsmoreAlberta

Let’s all be positive, work together and look for viable community and societal solutions.  In the New Year we will continue my MLA Cafés.  For January, we will be hosting a special conversation on economic, household and taxpayer benefits of energy efficiency, so please check our Facebook page or watch for signage for details.  Happy New Year!