Legislative Session started October 31st with an orange Halloween hue.  Session will see me in Edmonton from Monday – Thursday until mid-December, however my Calgary Team is always pleased to serve you.  I am also available by appointment most Friday’s for constituency business, so please do not hesitate to contact us.  Session will be busy and I am sure that the Climate/Carbon Tax file and Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) issues will take centre stage.  I have regularly spoken out on these issues and will continue to do so on your behalf.  Please visit my Question Period and Member Statement playlist on YouTube at youtube.com/user/mypcmla.

Another item that will not be debated, but that will impact Alberta’s youngest demographic, is Alberta Education’s curriculum redevelopment. As a parent of three children, I have many questions.  I am a firm believer that our educational systems should primarily encourage fundamental skills and critical thinking, while also encouraging innovation and creativity.   Teaching children how to think, not what to think allows them the opportunity to formulate their own ideas based on personal inquiry and research.  Although considerable work was done in this area by the previous government, much of that work will not carry forward.  There are currently no public engagement sessions scheduled, but I would encourage you to voice your opinion around the potential impact of curriculum redesign and how it might impact you, your children or grandchildren.  If you would like to provide input I would encourage you to contact my office or your local school trustee.

November provides an opportunity for all to remember and reflect on those who have and who continue to make sacrifices for their country and others in need around the globe. It is a privilege and an honour to give thanks to our veterans across the country on November 11th.  I will be marking the day with veterans in the community and wearing my poppy with pride.  The history of the poppy as the universal symbol of Remembrance Day is an example of one woman’s commitment to honouring the courage and sacrifice of WWI veterans.  Moina Michael diligently lobbied the US War Department, individual congressmen, veterans, and the general public for two years.  In September 1920 the American Legion adopted the Flanders Fields Memorial Poppy as the United States’ national emblem of Remembrance.  Over the next few years the message of remembrance spread to other countries.  I am thankful for Ms. Michael’s efforts and persistence in recognizing these champions of liberty and freedom around the world.  Remembering selfless sacrifice of generations past gives each of us courage to face our own daily challenges.

For all communities within Calgary-Fish Creek upcoming by-elections will be held to replace Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper and Hon. Jason Kenney. Both have recently stepped down as MP’s for Calgary Heritage and Calgary Midnapore respectively, and I humbly thank them for their service.  Nominations will be held by each party to select a candidate, and I would encourage all of you to exercise your democratic privilege by participating in both party nominations and Federal by-elections.

MLA Cafés will be hosted on Friday, October 28th & November 4th at my office from 10am-12pm.  I would encourage you, as always, to have your voice heard.  If you are unable to visit the office and would like to connect, I am happy to schedule a phone call and encourage you to reach out with respect to issues of importance to you.

Richard Gotfried

MLA, Calgary – Fish Creek


Facebook: facebook.com/richardgotfried4fishcreek

Twitter: @GotfriedMLA