October is a time to reflect with gratitude on the people and good in our life. This October I have much to be thankful for, family, friends, and a love of serving the people and province of Alberta.

Legislative Session will be starting at the end of October and I expect some lively debate! When we are not in session, the business of the Legislature of Alberta still goes on.  Committees have met throughout the summer and will continue to do so through the fall.  There are currently 10 committees for the Legislative Assembly of Alberta, which comprise of standing committees, special committees, and legislative policy committees.  I hold a position on both the Standing Committee on Alberta’s Economic Future and Standing Committee on Public Accounts.  The mandate of the Standing Committee on Alberta´s Economic Future relates to the areas of Agriculture and Forestry, Advanced Education, Infrastructure, Economic Development and Trade, Culture and Tourism, and Labour.   The Standing Committee for Public Account’s mandate is to review the reports of the Auditor General of Alberta and the public accounts of the province.  It is an honour to serve on both of these committees and represent not just the constituents of Calgary-Fish Creek but the interests of Albertans at this critical time of financial instability.

Currently two of the Standing Committees are inviting public input to review two pieces of legislation: Child and Youth Advocate Act and the Lobbyists Act. The Child and Youth Advocates responsibility is to represent the rights and interests of youth and children who are involved in the youth justice system or who are receiving interventional services. As the role of the Lobbyist has evolved, a review of the act is an opportunity to ensure the legislation is more current with new mediums of communication and connecting with politicians. I would encourage you all to visit the assembly website www.assembly.ab.ca to access both of these surveys.

It was a pleasure for the office to be represented at Andrew Sibbald School’s new playground opening. It is a beautiful new playground and will be well used by the school and community for generations to come.  I commend their efforts to enhance the children’s school experience as well as benefitting the community.  The parent group at Andrew Sibbald was able to access Alberta grants available to not-for profit community groups through Alberta Culture.  Since 1998 Community Initiatives Program (CIP) and Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP) has distributed more than 1.1 Billion to not-for profit community groups across Alberta.  The funding for CIP/CFEP grants are unique as the money does not come from general revenue/taxes but is sourced through lottery revenues.

Our next MLA Café sessions will be Friday October 28th 10-11am and Saturday November 5th 9-11am.  I will continue to vary the times and days to allow for all to attend.  I would encourage you to come out to meet me and my staff to share your thoughts on the legislative process and current government policy.  Your engagement with me and my office ensures I can effectively represent you in Edmonton.

Richard Gotfried

MLA, Calgary – Fish Creek


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Twitter: @GotfriedMLA