If you are wondering about the construction on Canyon Meadows Drive SE near Parkland, it is ATCO Gas working on the third phase of the Lake Bonavista to Sun Valley Gas Line Installation project.

Phase 1:  Work within Fish Creek – 100% complete (cleanup & reclamation remains)

Construction progress:  Reclamation activities mostly complete.
Upcoming work: The installation of a new paved pathway connecting Parkland and Deer Run communities has been designed and final approvals are being obtained. Anticipated pathway construction in July.
Public communications: ATCO Gas received a compliment on the restoration work that has been completed in the Park. Several positive comments have been received in anticipation of the new paved pathway.

Phase 2:  Work alongside Bow Bottom Trail – 100% complete

Construction progress: Reclamation mostly complete.
Upcoming work: Phase 3 will tie into end of phase 2; detour of Bow Bottom Trail required in late July.
Public communications: Web page updates are ongoing.

Phase 3:  Work alongside Parkwood Way – 50% complete
Construction progress, Phase 3 construction is progressing very well and is anticipated to be substantially completed in July. Associated work for the UPR Mainline high pressure conversion is also progressing as scheduled and will be completed in August.
Public communications: No feedback has been received from the public, web page updates are ongoing

Visit our project page at: http://www.atcopipelines.com/upr/Projects/ATCO-Gas-Lake-Bonavista-to-Sun-Valley-Gas-Line-Installation

ATCO Gas has been doing a great keeping the community informed and up-to-date with the work being done. The Calgary – Fish Creek constituency office will continue to share any information from ATCO Gas regarding this project. Thank you for your patience during the construction and if you wish to give feedback to ATCO Gas on this project, contact information for the senior engineer is available on their project page website.